MSIStudio is a comprehensive development environement for building bullet-proof Windows Installer based setup packages.
MSIStudio allows setup developers to quickly create Windows Installer packages with ease. MSIStudio can be used to create merge modules,
patches, transforms, standalone bootstrappers, and much more. Windows Installer has become the standard way to deploy applications
on Windows based operating systems. Microsoft Windows Logo certification is becoming more and more important to software vendors
that wish to distribute their software into a global marketplace. Compatibility with Windows Installer is essential to achieving
this certification for your products. The upcoming Windows Vista also uses Windows Installer as its deployment system. Modeled
on the Visual Studio development environment, MSIStudio provides visual editors for dialog editing, file system configuration and
feature structure and much more. The powerful project wizard allows you quickly generate advanced setup packages that can deploy
files and create registry entries, shortcuts, and file associations. Now at version 4.0, is the ideal development tool for beginners
through to experts. If you are familiar with the Microsoft development tools, or currently use Microsoft Visual Installer to create
your setup packages, you will feel instantly at home with MSIStudios integrated development environment. The entire scope and breadth
of Windows Installer is put at your fingertips. Enjoy the benefits of Product Advertisement, Feature Install-on-Demand, Installation
Resiliency, and tight integration with the operating system and control panel.

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The comprehensive functionality offered by MSIStudio
is unmatched by other products on the market. Creating complicated setups is so easy with MSIStudio and there is no need for scripting.
With todays corporate locked down environments where scripting languages are often disabled, being able to deploy your applications
without using script is now a essential. MSIStudio also includes the worlds only native debugger for Windows Installer setup packages.
MSIStudio can also be used to analyse log files, compare setup packages, generate transforms, and validate setup packages. When it comes
to Windows Installer compatibility, MSIStudio is the No 1 setup package development tool
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